What should I do if my rental car is stolen?

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You can imagine what a nightmare it is to lose your rented car, especially when you are on vacation. It is crucial to know what to do if a rented car is stolen. To understand the company policy and the actions you will need to take, you must conduct a lot of research and review the rental contract in-depth. Knowing the terms and restrictions in advance will help you determine your liability in case of a theft.

Check your insurance policy

In this case, you can benefit from the services of a professional company. The rental contract for rent a car near me from a trusted service provider may often include insurance covering problems such as breakdown coverage and sometimes even coverage for car theft. You can obtain detailed information about what the insurance covers from the rental company. A more comprehensive insurance policy may be available from some companies at an additional cost. To avoid unwanted extra charges, it is always best to get your vehicle properly insured.

Park in a safe manner

When renting a vehicle, it is always a good idea to be cautious and take all necessary measures to protect it. You should park the car at a secure location on your property, such as your garage, driveaway, or any other location close to your home that can be monitored constantly. When parking in an outdoor location, you should make sure that your vehicle is not left isolated or unlit. You should keep your bags and coats outside if you are leaving them inside.

Track your vehicle with a vehicle tracker

In the event of a sudden issue, this step may seem expensive and advanced, but it can prove highly beneficial. Talk with Ferrari rent Dubai and inquire about installing a tracking device inside the vehicle so that you can spot and track its movement at all times through various technologies.

Find Out What to Do Next

If you are unfortunate enough to encounter a rented vehicle theft, do not panic and follow these steps as soon as possible:

  1. The police should be informed about the incident immediately, along with all the information regarding your valuables in the car.
  2. Having your car rental provider intimidate you about the theft and the police report.
  3. You should keep all copies and receipts, as well as the incident report to have substantial evidence to support your case.

By dealing with the situation tactfully and in an informed manner, you can reduce the impact on yourself and to some extent protect yourself.