What Do You Need to Know About Adaptive Cruise Control?

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With technological advancement, the world has shifted to adopting more innovative ideas and implementing them in our daily lifestyle. Before that, the automobile industry revolutionized and introduced some of the most luxurious features into affordable vehicles. The adaptive Cruise control, which was considered a luxury feature a few years back, has now been accessible to the general public. Moreover, if the feature is not available for a particular model, it can be installed depending upon your car’s model. You can also take advantage of a similar feature, and record any personal or professional trips.

But before you book one, here’s everything you need to know about intelligent AI sensor cars and how to make the most of them.


Like an intelligent AI tool, cruise control recognizes and maintains vehicles’ pace on the road. It also provides the feature of applying moderate breaks, giving feedback to the chauffeur, assessing limits, etc. As a safety tool that analyzes and delivers safety information throughout the driveway, it’s an intelligent sensor.

Since Dubai is remarkably crowded, driving a car with automotive control becomes advantageous in and of itself. The vehicle adjusts its momentum without the operator’s assistance. Taking into consideration automated cruise control cars are more expensive in Dubai, you can always book and take advantage of a short-term, monthly, or long-term car rental in Dubai deal that suits varied occasions.

Usage details and ACC operations

The vehicle’s most specific features are defined on the navigating wheels from where the system can be activated and deactivated according to the user’s need. You can also set distances or time intervals from very short to very long under various traffic conditions.

ACC is based on the sensors available in a perfect automobile, as explained above. The velocity detector monitors the car’s speed and controls it while running, while the distance sensor allows you to set distances to your desired destination.

Like ACC’s, a sonar system sends frequencies to catch nearby objects. Radar measures reflections and sensory movements to determine whether a car rental in Dubai is running in front of another vehicle while staying under the prescribed distance.

The Top Car Models Under This Specification

If you choose to purchase or hire an adaptive cruise control car, here are some of the modern model ms you should prefer.

Mercedes G63 AMG 2020 – This popular model from Mercedes has attracted attention for its sensory features and high-quality ultrasonic sensors. They are primarily known for their control, brakes, and their ability to halt

Mazda CX-5 2021 – The brand-new Mazda range is no less than a treat to the eyes. Its attractive components make driving safe and easy. It provides steering assistance with its innovative AI tools.

Hyundai Accent 2022 – Hyundai’s enhanced driving assistance tool features camera assistance, an ultrasonic sensor, and advanced ACC. They also offer feedback, signals, self-braking, and acceleration to provide a refined driving experience.