Tips for Renting a Car in a Foreign Country

renting a car in Dubai

A Ferrari car rental in Dubai would be a great option for you if you plan to explore the UAE during your visit. The cost of buying a new car makes it impossible to afford it. It is the only logical and financially feasible option. Having said that, there are some factors you must consider before renting a car in a country you are not familiar with, like the UAE. The following five considerations are vital:

Determine the duration

Both short and long-term car renting are available in the UAE. Business meetings and weekend getaways are ideal occasions for short-term car rentals. A long-term rental car will be ideal if you plan on staying in the country for a few months, as these deals tend to be more affordable. To avoid any problems, you should always take the duration of your car rental into account before you rent it.

Does a Special Permit need to be obtained?

The UAE doesn’t require a special driving license for nationals of GCC countries, Europe, Australia, and the United States who have valid tourist visas. A driver’s license from another country would be required by tourists coming to the UAE. To rent a car near me you need to make sure you have a valid license before you arrive.

The type of car you should hire depends on your needs.

Think about renting a car and paying the balance, only to discover on the day of delivery that the car is too small to accommodate you and your luggage. Consequently, to avoid such an unpleasant situation, figure out what kind of car you need well in advance. You can either choose a sedan, hatchback, or SUV, depending on your needs. Contact the Luxury car rental company, and they will provide you with solutions to meet your requirements.

All the documents are with you?

To rent a car in the UAE, you will also need the following documents:

  • Your passport
  • Company information for auto insurance
  • A valid proof of residence
  • A proof of income

When you apply for a rental car, make sure all these documents are ready. Furthermore, you cannot rent a car in the UAE before the age of 21 even though the legal driving age is 18 years.

Insurance for rental cars

Car insurance in the UAE is not an afterthought, unlike in most Asian countries. Rent-a-car companies are required to provide third-party liability insurance, which is usually included in the package. If you choose to purchase more insurance, however, you can cover such unfortunate events as:

  • Vehicle theft or damage (Loss Damage Waiver)
  • Unauthorized removal of your belongings (Personal Effects Cover)
  • Medical expenses incurred by an accident (Personal Accident Insurance)

As a final note

If you factor in the factors discussed in this article, renting a car in Dubai can prove a boon for tourists. Rent a car, and you’ll have a great time driving around the city in your rental car!