Tips for cleaning a rental car at home

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Make Use of a Car Wash Soap

A vehicle’s appearance and shine are largely determined by the products used on it. There are some online sources and hacks that claim dishwashing liquid is an effective cleaner for cars. However, this is not true since dishwashing solutions contain chemical components that help remove greasy and oily materials from dishes. It is possible for these chemicals to damage the shiny oils present in the paint of the car and cause it to dull over time.

With the availability of Luxury car rental services in the UAE, traveling has become quick and cost-effective. Whether you are searching for another region, your rental car is just a few steps away. If you are going on a road trip or are commuting to work, you will need to rent a car near me. Frequently used vehicles become dusty and need to be cleaned more frequently. However, hiring a professional car wash service is never an option. You can make your rental car hygienic at home if you know how to clean it properly as well as save money by cleaning it yourself. Here are some simple but professional car washing tips to follow:

Do a pre-rinse every time

In the case of an unwashed car, dust particles may settle on the entire surface. Direct application of soap and rubbing with a sponge will not remove the dust effectively and allow it to go deeper into the polishing coat. To remove all of the larger dust particles, simply give the car a simple rinse with water.

Micro-Fiber Products

Usually, people wash their cars with sponges since they are soft and will not scratch the surface. The sponges tend to absorb the lather, dirt, and grits from the car’s exterior, of which grits are particularly hard to remove. The cleaning process will be less efficient if you reuse a sponge that contains grit and dirt. A high-quality microfiber car wash mitt is a useful tool for cleaning vehicles quickly and effectively. It will also be easy to rinse any dust captured by the microfibers, which are gentle on the car’s paint. Use a fine-quality microfiber towel instead of a chamois after washing the vehicle, as it will dry the vehicle while removing any grits left behind.