Tips for avoiding heavy traffic on the roads of Dubai

BMW Dubai

The city of Dubai is experiencing rapid growth in a variety of sectors such as technology, business, infrastructure, and tourism. As one of the world’s most progressive cities, Dubai attracts a growing number of tourists, investors, and job seekers. The city’s high traffic levels are no exception to this rule. The well-developed road networks make commuting easy and convenient. It is possible to get stuck in exhausting traffic jams if you set out without a plan. To avoid traffic on the Dubai roads, here are some simple and tactful tips.

When possible, avoid peak hours

Road traffic is primarily determined by the timings of work and school. In cities, there are certain times when crowds flow one way or the other. The southern part of Dubai is where most offices are located that start between 8 and 9 AM. If you are traveling during these hours, try to avoid south Dubai. Also, avoiding commuting to north Dubai between 5 and 7 PM is a good idea, since it’s peak hour for people returning home from work. Aside from that, during these hours the roads tend to become congested with school buses.

Stay up-to-date on road works

Planning your drive journey has become much easier thanks to the internet and Google maps. Congestion on nearby roads is often caused by construction works on roads that are on the internet and maps. You can find alternative routes to reach your destination faster and with less hassle if you identify the major traffic spots. Check the official RTA website to get the latest traffic updates in any area.

Know the Congested Areas

There are specific areas in BMW Dubai that face heavy traffic due to increased population, popular tourism attractions, narrow roads, dine-in restaurants, and other reasons. Jumeriah Lake Towers, Discovery Gardens, and Jumeriah Beach Residence are the major attraction in southern Dubai. They attract heavy traffic congestion during peak hours. Karama, Deira, and the International city also often face heavy traffic, forming the central residential locations in northern Dubai.

Take advantage of weekend mornings

The early morning hours on the Friday weekend are best to plan your drive, as most people stay home after a fun-filled Thursday night party. You will often find little traffic on the roads during the afternoon, however. Highways near major shopping malls and parks tend to be crowded on weekends, as families tend to visit during this time. You can therefore plan your mall and park trips for the weekdays and your long morning drives on Friday mornings.