These Are the Top 5 Luxury Cars for Hire in Dubai

Lamborghini rental in Dubai

Posted By: Dr. Maher Al Khedr  

Driving the car of your dreams such as a Lamborghini rental in Dubai, Ferrari rent Dubai, Rolls Royce rent in Dubai, or Bentley may seem like an unachievable dream for many. But what if you could hire the car, get behind the wheels, and experience the thrill of it?

Fortunately, there are lots of luxury cars for rental in Dubai and other cities in UAE. The options available vary wildly based on your budget, vacation plans, and preference. Next, we review the top 5 luxury cars for hire in Dubai.

Lamborghini rental in DubaiRolls-Royce Ghost

There is nothing unlikeable about the new Rolls-Royce Ghost. The Ghost is something else- from the way it drives to its comfort and refinement and its spacious cabin. The Rolls-Royce Ghost delivers everything you would want in a luxury car: effortless performance, quality ride, exceptional refinement levels, and endless lists of options.

Driving the Rolls-Royce Ghost is a surreal experience. The car lives up to its name as you will hardly hear it move as you drive. That is due to its noise reduction measures that give it the capability of effortlessly gliding like a breeze.

Its noise reduction features include an All-Wheel Drivetrain, acoustic damping materials in the roof and doors, and double-glazed windows. The result? – A near-silent driving experience.

The smooth ride is further enhanced by the Ghost’s cutting-edge planar suspension technology. It enhances the cushy ‘floating carpet’ feel that has been a trademark of the Rolls Royce rent per day brand.

Overall, the Rolls Royce rent in Dubai  is a masterpiece of craftsmanship; the Ghost’s interior is just as impressive as its exterior. Its handcrafted leather seats epitomize quiet opulence with their impeccable stitching and flawless material.

Rolls Royce Cullinan rental DubaiRolls Royce Cullinan rental Dubai

Named after the world’s largest diamond, the Rolls Royce Cullinan is the Rolls Royce family’s crowning jewel.

This lavishly appointed vehicle is ready for anything you throw at it. The Cullinan rental Dubai is just as at home in the countryside as it is cruising city streets.

It embraces city roads with the same sensual ferocity and zeal as when effortlessly devouring off-road distances.

True to its predecessors’ tradition and heritage, the Cullinan rental Dubai comes loaded with the Rolls Royce rent per day staple extras, namely camping amenities, lambswool floor mats, and a pair of umbrellas.

It sports impeccable wooden veneer finishes and fine bull leather upholstery. The back seat comes in two-seater and three-seater options.

The two-seater setup includes a center console with a cooling bin replete with a whiskey decanter and two flutes. Another welcome feature to its rear seats is the massage function with different types of massages on the menu.

On the mechanical front, the Rolls Royce Cullinan in Dubai has a Four-Wheel Steering system which ensures that this mammoth stays on course even when cruising at high speeds.

First used on monster trucks and large buses, the Four-Wheel Steering mechanism improves the Cullinan’s maneuverability in sharp corners and bends.

As with all its siblings, the Cullinan oozes luxury with its classic lines and imposing looks that are a testament to the adage that ‘money talks, wealth whispers.’ It is a car that makes a profound statement without trying.

Lamborghini rental Dubai

The Lamborghini offers incredible performance for those who love sports cars. If you are looking for fun and thrills while driving, you will appreciate the SPORT settings of this car.

The Lambo offers the driver comfort with its unique and dynamic stylization. If you opt for the convertible version of the Lamborghini rental dubai  you are guaranteed a more sleek design. It features a lightweight, electrohydraulic top that gives it a unique appearance whether the roof is open or closed.


Lamborghini rental DubaiFerrari

The Ferrari is a premier sports car company that offers drivers comfort and performance in every ride.

Most Ferrari models have decent space in a low-slung sports car environment. Some models like the Ferrari Portofino have added features like the passenger display, which allows the passenger to be included more in the driving experience.

The vehicles are fitted with stability controls that make the cars feel incisive yet controllable while on the move.

Ferrari rent in Dubai offers you the excitement and thrill that you are looking for in a sports car.

Ferrari rent in DubaiMercedes G Class in Dubai

Popularly referred to as the G-Wagen among the elite, the Mercedes G Class is a timeless art piece that sets trends in cutting-edge technology. To this day, it remains unbeaten in the effortless mastery of off-road terrain and disciplines. It can lean sharp corners and perfectly climb angles.

It may have been redesigned, but the Mercedes G Class retains its iconic edges and corners. Expect to part with six figures, because the G-class comes with extravagant upgrades. The unique interior is enhanced with meticulous Nappa leather cushioning and exotic pieces.

Designed with a twin-turbo V-8, 416 horsepower, the G-class is not just competent in the trails but also swift in the streets.

In addition to the off-road chops, the Mercedes G Class is an exotic car in Dubai with standard features and extra space for passengers. Expect nothing more than luxury vibes from the 3-zone preprogrammed climate control system, warmed-up front and rear seats, digitized gauge cluster, versatile steering column, and alluring leather interiors.

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Renting a car at the end of Ramadan during Eid, however, is rather difficult. SUVs are usually the most difficult to find availability of. Though it’s mostly on a first-cum first-serve basis, rental car suppliers often choose to rent to customers that rent for a longer period. Also, it’s best to finalize your rental requirement with the agent well before the arrival of Eid Al Adha or Eid Al Fitr. Choose a great car that your partner or group will be happy with. Delivery at the airport car rental Dubai or your hotel/tower is definitely possible.