The rise of car rentals in Dubai

car rentals in Dubai

By: Maher Al Khedr 
Category: Car Rentals

Car rental is a fast-growing industry in the UAE

UAE has witnessed an economical shift over the years. Predominantly dependent on oil and gas, the country has shifted its focus to tourism and business. This change has boosted a wide range of industries. One such is the car rental and leasing industry.

Driving a rental car in Dubai has certain advantages, which many understood rather than owning one. Over the recent years, many car rental companies have witnessed steady growth.

The number of transport and rental car companies registered in Dubai is 14,500 and the number of vehicles registered for transport and rental activities is 355,000,” as quoted in RTA.

What makes Dubai such an extraordinary car rental market is that you can rent any car under the sun. Be it a Ferrari (AED 2500/day), Mercedes G-wagon (AED 2500/day). or even a budget car starting as low as AED 1200 for the entire month. Car rental in Dubai is a much more simplified process than ever.

Renting a car is often preferred over buying it given the high, yearly costs of registration and car insurance. The availability of a wide range of cars and rental durations varying anywhere from an hour to a yearly lease makes renting a car a great option for tourists as well as residents.

Renting is hence an attractive option and the demand for it is ever increasing.

A range of customers and car rental needs                                   

  • Tourists that wish to explore the city at their own pace
  • Recreational rental by people who adore sports and luxury supercars
  • Businesses that rent commercial vehicles to reduce capital investment.
  • Residents that need a car for personal or professional use

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