The Best Free GPS Navigation Apps and Their Pros and Cons

The Best Free GPS Navigation Apps

The global positioning system has been extremely useful for drivers navigating the world’s ever-expanding cities. As well as showing the user’s location, the service also gives directions to the destination they want to reach. Initiated by the federal government, GPS technology provides navigational assistance. Currently, it is maintained by the same organization and is free to anyone with a GPS receiver. Using this feature, GPS navigation applications have been developed that are free to use. Described by our experts are these top five and their advantages and disadvantages.

The Google Maps App

Google Maps has many advantages and disadvantages, making it the most popular navigation application on the planet. Users can access the application from any device that runs Google’s Android operating system, and the app comes preinstalled in many cars that run the Android automotive operating system. Additionally, the service is able to inform users about traffic issues across a wide variety of transportation types. The disadvantages of the app include that it doesn’t support social media sharing and making long reroutes if you miss a turn.

The Waze App

In addition to providing crowdfunded traffic information, WAZE offers real-time data that can be very helpful. Users can share current gas prices using the application, one of its many benefits. Additionally, users can save time by finding less congested routes. In addition to the clutter caused by icons for roadwork and other indicators, this method has some disadvantages. Moreover, it can serve as a distraction with constant social media notifications, which can be dangerous for drivers.

The MapQuest website App

MAPQUEST was one of the first navigation application to have a desktop format. Some of the advantages of the application include the fact that it offers turn by turn navigation, ensuring the user does not get lost. The application can also provide information about where to find the lowest gas prices. There is one disadvantage to the application, however: it cannot be run offline. In addition, the application’s mobile version may give inaccurate directions at times, which can lead to misdirection for drivers.


Maps.ME offers a number of useful features, such as auto-following and traffic information. With the application’s offline capabilities, a sluggish Internet connection can also be mitigated. This in turn reduces battery consumption. Furthermore, users can share their current location with their friends through the application. The application has the disadvantage that the business maps are not always up to date, which could result in inaccurate data for users.

The Scout GPS

With real-time traffic information and turn-by-turn navigation, SCOUTGPS assists drivers in quickly reaching their destinations. In addition, it is a social network with user-recommended hotels and restaurants. This application has some negative aspects, such as the fact that premium features require a monthly fee of $4.99 or a yearly fee of $24.99 to access. Additionally, it appears to only work within the United States, making it inaccessible from outside the country.