Take advantage of your drive time for some exercise

BMW Dubai

I can’t think of anything more amazing than to drive on the roads of BMW Dubai. Nonetheless, consistently commuting to the office, college, or wherever else can often kill enthusiasm by taking the same route and traveling in the same traffic. Having to sit on an office chair for extended periods of time, and then driving for a long time, will eventually have an irreversible impact on your muscles, joints, and spine. Inexperienced drivers often experience restless driving as a result of a tensed body and mind. In addition to serving as a healthy and significant fitness method, yoga is a well-known healing method. But did you know that yoga can also be used to relax you while driving? When it comes to staying calm and focused when driving, yoga has been found to be extremely helpful. These are some yoga techniques you can use to calm yourself while driving.

The Right Way to Breathe

The breathing process is at the heart of yoga culture and is considered to be a mirror of the mind. Consequently, it is essential to inhale and exhale at the same rate with the same intensity every time. By practicing yogic breathing techniques, you can easily calm yourself if you encounter a provoking situation while driving.

Belly Breathing – This technique entails placing one hand on the stomach, feeling it expand while deeply inhaling, and then exhale through pursed lips, leaving a small gap to release the air. Repeat it three to ten times.

Equal Breathing (Sama Vritti) – is an excellent method to calm down and avoid distracted driving. You need to slowly inhale by counting four and then exhale on the same count. By experiencing equal breathing, you can reduce your heart rate and help release tension so that you can drive more focused.

Make Your Spine Twist

With spinal twist exercises, you will be able to relax your spinal cord, which is crucial for maintaining your body posture. The first thing you should do when you get in the car is to sit straight on the seat and place your feet flat on the ground. Holding on to your seat with both hands helps you deepen the stretch by twisting your torso toward your right. Maintain the same position for at least 10 breaths, then repeat the same exercise on the left side. Yoga can help you loosen up tension built up in your spine from prolonged sitting in the car seat.

Seated Cat/Cow Pose

When you are snarled up in heavy traffic, this is a great yoga to do. While holding the steering wheel with one hand, raise the other hand overhead and bend it at the elbow slowly, trying to touch your shoulder. You can also try holding on to the back of your seat for a more comfortable grip and a longer stretch. Extend the same pose with the opposing hand.

Move your joints

Exercise is necessary to make your joints flexible and improve blood flow to the neck. There are easy, quick-rolling yogic exercises to keep your bone joints healthy. Quickly de-stress your ankle by slowly twisting them clockwise and anti-clockwise to feel flexibility in your feet. As driving involves constant use of hands, shoulders tend to get stiff and stressed. Hold the steering wheel with one hand and slowly roll the shoulders back and forth while breathing deeply. To give flexibility to your neck, start by lowering your chin and providing a quick shoulder roll. Then slowly roll your lowered head towards your right shoulder. Hold it for eight to ten breaths and slowly bring back your head to the previous center position. Repeat the same on the other side.