Safe Driving in Sandstorms: Five Tips

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The gulf states are characterized by desert regions and sand. Drivers on Dubai’s roads are often subjected to dusty sandstorms. It is very difficult for drivers to view the roads ahead while driving amidst dusty sandstorms. There is almost no way for you to avoid a sandstorm as they occur at least twice a year. While driving in range rover Dubai during a sandstorm, you can use a few simple tips to drive cautiously and avoid any major incidents.

Make sure you drive safely

As a result of sandstorms, tons of dust and sand fly into the air, which covers your car’s windshield, obstructing your vision. The best way to deal with this situation is to drive slowly and concentrate on the lane markings. Make sure other drivers will see the headlights and fog lights on your car to prevent a collision. If there is any noise from the outside, turn off the radio and put all distractions away, including mobile phones or other devices.

Don’t stop suddenly

Accidents can easily occur if you abruptly brake in the middle of the road. Reduced vision may prevent other drivers from seeing it or prepare them for it. There is a possibility that other motorists may not receive the proper signal when your vehicle suddenly stops, or may not be in a position to stop suddenly because of other vehicles behind in a row. Slow down and move to the side of the road if visibility is poor, and you cannot see more than 300 meters ahead. You need to stop the vehicle, turn out all the lights, and go to the appropriate location.

Maintain a strict distance and moving to higher ground

It is important to pay extra attention to this rule during a sandstorm, since it is the general driving norm. It is also possible to drive very close to another vehicle while impaired visibility makes other vehicles invisible, which can lead to unwanted surprises. Allow your fellow drivers more space to maneuver safely as you slow down your vehicle.

To make the right move when caught in a sandstorm, you need to understand its characteristics. When near the ground, the sandstorm’s intensity is maximum; as you move away from it, it becomes less intense. You should move on a path that leads to a higher region, as that way you can get out of the windy storm’s peak location onto a much lighter terrain.

Make sure all windows are closed tight

If you are driving in a sandstorm, you have to face dusty winds that carry tons of sand loads, so it would be a good idea to close all the windows and vents of your vehicle tightly. The resulting fine sands will not fill your vehicle, obstructing your vision and creating respiratory problems.