How to Rent a Car During a Trip in Dubai

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Posted By: Dr. Maher Al Khedr  

In the hot Emirates with excellent roads, convenient parking, and strict adherence to road rules, everything is tailored for driving. Cheap gasoline and humane rental prices allow you to significantly save on excursions, which are quite expensive in Dubai.

Many places must be visited here – oriental bazaars and the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Palm Islands, and a fantastic flower garden. Only 120 km separates Dubai from Abu Dhabi and another portion of wonders. In a little over an hour, you can drive to the emirate of Fujairah on the Oman coast, which is famous for its rich underwater world. Finally, a rented car is a great opportunity to spend the night in one of the magnificent hotels in the middle of the desert, admiring the enchanting sunsets and sunrises.


In different car rental centers, you can be offered completely different rental prices. Costs depend on many factors. Here are the main factors influencing price formation:

the size of the rental company. Lower prices can be found in small companies, but you will have to give up some of the advantages of renting from large distributors.

the class of the car and its other characteristics. Everything is clear here. If you want to rent a Bentley GT rent in Dubai – pay more, if you want to save money on a car – choose a lower class.

rental terms and conditions. The longer the rental period, the lower the average daily price is.


There are no problems with parking in Dubai. Those who do not want to pay can leave their car in the free underground parking lots of Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina Mall, and others.

Roads and gas stations

The quality and infrastructure of roads in Dubai are the best in the world. The number of multi-level flyovers and roundabouts is impressive.

Almost all road signs are duplicated in English and stand in the immediate vicinity of road junctions and intersections. Drivers have little time to make decisions and maneuver. A GPS navigator will come to the rescue, laying a route taking into account the traffic situation at this very moment.

Toll roads are not the exception in Dubai as well. Their beginning is marked by a large arch with the inscription “SALIK”. Each underpass is recorded with a special chip on the rental car windshield and costs 4 AED. The fee is charged upon returning the car to the rental company.

The fuel price is pleasing. It is about 2.5 times lower than the world average. There is no need to get out of the car. The employees of the gas stations fill the fuel tank themselves, accept money, wipe the glass for free and check the tire pressure.

Police relations and fines

Not a single traffic violation in Dubai goes unnoticed. Control is entrusted to numerous photo and video cameras that monitor the speed limit, observance of road markings, unfastened seat belts, and conversations on a mobile phone while driving. The police stop the car only in the event of a serious violation – driving at a red light or entering the oncoming lane. The offender receives a ticket, which must be paid at the traffic police station. Police officers are not allowed to collect fines on the ground.

In case of minor traffic violations, no one will stop you. Tickets are sent to the car rental company. Payment will be charged when you will return the car. In addition to the fine, the rental company will add its own service fee for each ticket.

A varied and eventful trip to Dubai is guaranteed when renting a car. You will not be limited exclusively to a beach rest and will return home from your trip emotionally filled. So do not skimp on this pleasure, and all horizons will be open for you!

We wish you a pleasant vacation! Good luck and stay safe!

Mercedes S class rent in Dubai has long been known for its executive saloon cars, as well as sports cars that ooze sophistication and style. Did you also know, however, that Jaguar now boasts probably the most stunning SUV anywhere in the world — the F-Pace.


A Visual Feast

Let’s start this review by first taking in the splendor of the F-Pace exterior. While an SUV was something of a departure for Jaguar, they have managed to augment their style into a large, imposing and impossibly stylish vehicle without losing a single iota of the Jaguar finesse. It’s edgy in all the right places, and beautifully curved and sumptuous in the other right places.


The mighty front grille design with the roaring Jaguar logo tells you not to mistake this SUV, as does the sporty detailing like the enlarged air intakes, stunning alloy wheels and neat rear spoiler. It’s very hard to fault the F-Pace from the first look. It’s quite simply a stunning feat of design.

Luxury and Style Define the Interior

The elegant and sporty interior are unmistakably Jaguar. From the Windsor leather upholstery to the ambient lighting and stunning digital additions and consoles. Every inch is packed with quality and craftsmanship. I personally adored the contrast yellow stitching that you can get in the F-Pace 300 Sport. This is Jaguar bringing their racing heritage into this exciting and athletic SUV.


You get just over 37 inches of leg room, and about 3 inches of knee space in the back seat. There’s plenty of room for three sizable adults, all of whom can position their seats for the perfect fit. Additional features include things like the panoramic glass roof, configurable ambient lighting, alternative upholstery leather and designs, and 10-inch touchscreen housing your phenomenal media center (more on technology below).

Fun to Drive in Dubai

The next important test, and arguably the most important of all, is how it feels to drive it. The F-Pace may be the largest car that Jaguar has ever produced, but it handles with the agility and grace of one of its sports cars. You get a choice of Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) or All Wheel Drive (AWD) which means you can tailor the experience to fit your own needs.

The choice doesn’t stop there, either. The F-Pace delivers a range of powerful and dynamic engines. They range from the standard 2.0L 4-cylinder turbocharged “Ingenium” petrol engine all the way up to the 5.0L V8 in the SVR edition, which delivers an unbelievable 542hp680 and 501lb/ft of torque. This is one serious performance machine.

You’ll also love the rotary gearshift for the automatic, which helps clear space in the front cabin for a more pleasing aesthetic. Other great drive controls include the All-Surface Progress Control (ASPC), a low-speed cruise control that gives you optimal traction for different surfaces like sand, snow and gravel. The adaptive features can sense the road surface and automatically adapt.

Great Features Don’t Stop There

While the F-Pace exterior and interior designs do much to convey the heritage and timeless style of the Jaguar brand, the company has by no means skimped on technology and features. First, the central console features a 10-inch touchscreen, with swipe and pinch-to-zoom control. The flawless crystal-clear display ensures that you never miss a thing. You can also keep your eyes firmly on the road thanks to the driver head-up display.

My iPhone integrated seamlessly with the system, and I loved that the F-Pace so quickly and effortlessly became an extension of my digital life. There’s also remote access, a security tracker and an incredible Meridian™ audio system. Via the smartphone app, you can control the car’s environment remotely, getting it ready to drive while you finish up whatever you’re doing. You can even check your fuel levels on there – very handy!

The F-Pace – Jaguar’s New Champion

In the fiery and competitive world of SUVs, Jaguar has entered a serious contender into the ring in the form of the F-Pace. This beautiful, stylish masterpiece of form and function will leave you stunned and amazed. On top of everything else, it’s even built to be efficient with a top fuel consumption rate of around 45mpg — yes, you read that right — which is very impressive for a vehicle on this scale.

Don’t settle for anything less. Go for the Jaguar F-Pace. It can be rented daily at