Economy vs Luxury Car Rental which one is best for Dubai

luxury car rental in Dubai

By: Dr. Maher Al Khedr  

we compare some of the better factors between economy and luxury car rental in Dubai to help you decide which model would best suit your next trip.

When we think of Dubai, most people think of luxury and extravagance, probably owning one of the cars made there. However, among all the celebrity names and the fancy restaurants lie a lot of world-class sights that can be witnessed by anyone on the island. Of course, you need wheels to go around the city if you are not from there. You are backpacking across Europe and have no doubt sat through your share of the long bus rides. But does that mean that all hope is lost? In this article, we compare some of the better factors between economy and luxury car rental in Dubai to help you decide which model would best suit your next trip.


To begin, there are significant differences between the cars offered by luxury and economy car rentals in Dubai. Economy rental companies usually charge clients by the day while luxury one’s charge on an hourly basis. For example, you might pay AED 200 for a 4-hour rental at a typical economy car rental. In comparison, a luxury car is estimated to cost AED 50 per hour. The benefits of hiring a car from this company are that you get more than one driver and unlimited mileage although you will be required to pay extra for petrol. However, keep in mind that most drivers are unlicensed since the government prohibits foreigners who are residents from driving. Economy car rental in Dubai may not offer as many vehicles as luxury car companies but they can still obtain one.


Luxury cars offer the most elevated level of comfort and facilities. All around assembled cowhide seats, full sound systems, and GPS are only a couple of the standard highlights. As a rule, economical cars just accompany important highlights like a CD player. They are not close to however comfortable as they seem to be planned exclusively for down to earth use.

Final Verdict

On the off chance that you are in the Emirate as a vacationer, a rental car is nothing in excess of a way to make your travels easier. As such, it is also a chance to treat you to a touch of luxury. Luxury car rental are the most practical decision in the event that you in Dubai for a short vacation or business meeting. Look at the best Luxury Car Rental Dubai

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