Driving in Foggy Weather in UAE: A Practical Guide

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UAE residents benefit from the winter climate since they are not forced to endure the oppressive heat. There is, however, a unique set of challenges associated with winter, such as fog. It may not appear that fog is a serious problem, but once you get behind the wheel of your , in foggy conditions, you’ll see it from a different perspective. In fact, fog can be extremely dangerous. But don’t worry just yet! Our team has put together a comprehensive guide containing helpful tips to make driving in UAE’s notorious fog season a more enjoyable experience.

Fog lights should be turned on

Almost every modern car must have rear fog lights, and some cars may also have front fog lights. Always make sure these lights are on when the weather is foggy. When low visibility conditions are present, your vehicle’s rear fog light will ensure other vehicles can see you, while your front fog lights will improve your own visibility. When you have passed out of the fog, turn your fog lights off.

Keep an eye on your speed

In the middle of a fog, driving at a high speed is a no-no! When driving in fog, keep your speed between 50 and 60 km/h at most. Reduce your speed to 40 km/h if the fog is more dense than usual. Driving at a slower pace will keep you safer.

Don’t turn on the Hazard Lights

Hazard lights warn the vehicles behind you when you are stopping abruptly or when a potential hazard is approaching. Many drivers deploy these lights in fog as well. This could cause the drivers behind you to apply emergency brakes since they may think you are suddenly slowing down. Your car would then become confused, resulting in a massive collision with the vehicles behind you. For this reason, we suggest keeping them off unless a true emergency occurs.

Be sure to keep your distance

It is possible to put yourself in danger by driving too close to another vehicle. You will likely hit your vehicle straight into the vehicle in front of you if the vehicle ahead of you has to stop suddenly. For your safety, it’s recommended that you maintain an appropriate distance from the vehicle ahead of you.

Change lanes as little as possible

A lane change should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. If you keep changing lanes, you can potentially cause an ugly crash, since the vehicles behind you wouldn’t be able to see you. Try to stay in your lane and move slowly.

Warm up the car by turning on the heater

Condensation inside the car is likely to increase during fog, further reducing your visibility. Make sure your windows are clear by turning the heater on so that you can see better.

In Conclusion

We hope that next time you experience fog in range rover Dubai, you will remember these tips to ensure a safe journey for both you and those around you.