Difference between leasing a car and renting a car in Dubai

leasing and renting a car

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Time frame is the first and main difference between renting and leasing a car. When you lease a car, the commitment is for a long-term. This gives the liberty to use the car as per your convenience. It is similar to owning a car. However, your payment for the lease period will be settled at the start of leasing in the form of monthly payments ideally for 24 or 36 months.

Renting a car on a short-term basis is an economical option too but the cost on day-basis payments generally turns out to be more expensive.

Many may opt to lease a car while others may choose to rent a car. The major difference between them is the time frame for which the car is utilized. A car is rented for a short time and when leasing a car, it is means a long-term commitment upto 3 years. When a person leases a car, they can use it as their own car given the period it is with them. This saves the hassle of buying a car and taking a loan. It is as good as owning it though for a limited period of time.  When you buy a car, you’re entitled to pay additionally for insurance, maintenance and loan. However, leasing a car saves you from these additional expenses.

You can choose among a wide range of cars to lease. From economy car models to even leasing a luxury car or SUV. You can rent a car for short term basis or lease a long term car rental. Valid documentation is essential to lease a car however. If you want to rent a car, you only need a valid driving license and Emirates ID copy. Read on to know a few differences between renting a car and leasing a car

The other point of difference is the insurance. When leasing a vehicle, it requires insurance but for renting insurance is an option depending on the rental agencies. Dealers who lease cars ensure that a person has full coverage that includes benefits such as collision and comprehensive damage to protect the car’s value. When renting a car customer pays the liability that covers the aspect of their use. Certain rental agencies also offer additional insurance at a reduced price. In case there is any damage to the vehicle, it protects the customer.

Leasing a car involves monthly payment and upfront charges. A person needs to pay the monthly charges until the contract term. During the contract, a person can even choose to change the car and only pay the additional difference. A person can choose a luxury or a car to use for his or family needs. When leasing a car there is a certain mileage limit also to adhere to. If they cross the mileage there will be additional charges added at the end of the contract. When renting a car, a person generally has to pay 70% of charges for the period of time they rent and they remaining after they return the vehicle. Rental cars the contract terms cannot be modified and a person has to use the same vehicle until they return it.

These are a few differences between leasing and renting a car. When a person leases a car, the commitment is for a long term and it as good as owning a car. Rented cars are for those who plan a mini vacation, in a high commute job or for travelers who want to hire a car for a shorter period of time.

Car Lease in Dubai at Spider Car Rental

Through our large fleet of lease operators across the UAE, we can assist you in finding the best long-term car for any type. The lease tenure ranges from 1 to 3 years at the end of which the leaser (company / individual) returns the vehicle. It’s no doubt that the UAE, especially Dubai, has successfully transformed itself from an oil-dependent one to a tourist destination and business hub. Today, it boasts a range of business industries, luxury experiences and superior lifestyles for residents. The nation has attracted diverse populations from across the world: developed as well as developing countries. All the biggest brands from all over the world have set shop (and branches) and are thriving in the oasis.

For those who live in the UAE, car is the preferred and essential mode of transport. The country is distinctly car-centric with its affordable petrol prices, harsh summers and extravagant network of roads. Even for professionals who plan to work in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for a definite or indefinite period, leasing a car is essential to ease their movement. While many living in the UAE buy a car given the frequent sale offers, it often turns into a liability rather than an asset. This is where car leasing trumps. The cost to lease a car is much lower than to buy one.

Cars are quick depreciating assets, transport vehicles more so. Vehicle leasing provides you with the advantage of making zero down payment, only the lease contract has to be signed and a refundable security deposit has to be given. All other expenses related to the car registration, maintenance, insurance etc. is borne by the car lease company. Car leasing covers maintenance, registration and insurance for the term of the lease. Just in case your car breaks down or meets with an accident, you are provided with a replacement vehicle to keep you on the road.

9 Reasons to Lease a Car in the UAE

  1. Control your Term of Ownership

A leased car is as good as your own without the commitment clause. You can choose to live with it for 12, 24 or 36 months at the start of the contract. If you’re still in love with it, you may even have the option of buying it from the lease company. you can start a relationship with a brand-new car. Get the latest model with firm body parts and enhanced performance. But once you’ve purchased a car, you’re pretty much stuck with it. You are responsible to take care of it for years on end. Besides, Tasjeel a.k.a. RTA Car Registration authority take renewals quite seriously. You might fail a vehicle passing test if it’s not in great shape. In case of a leased car, it’s the company’s responsibility.

  1. Cost-effective Affair

Leasing a car involves straight-forward costs including the lease payment on monthly / yearly basis. For example, the lease cost of a brand-new sedan would be around AED 1500 / month. You only pay for Salik as per your usage and, of course, you pay for fuel and parking on your own. You don’t pay or better yet, you save on insurance and registration costs. It includes timely maintenance costs.

However, if you plan to buy the same car, your cost would easily be above AED 2000 / month taking into consideration the down payment, registration, insurance and other costs (admin fee etc.). You can be sure of lower monthly payments on a leased car. Nonetheless, you are certain about how much you’d be spending with no surprises.

  1. Drive the Latest Cars

Auto brands come up with new car models every year. In fact, some cars already a 2020-edition model out now in 2019. If you’ve bought a car, you’re pretty much stuck with it for years to come or till you give in. Though a car lease customer is at an advantage here. You see a car lease plan is generally for a period of 1 to 4 years. Thanks to spidercars.ae  it’s even customary in most circles.

At the end of your lease term, simply upgrade to the next best available model. You’ll get to enjoy the latest advanced features and safety enhancements. Buying and selling a car every year would definitely be much more cumbersome and prone to losses. You lose almost 50% of the car value as you drive off a new car from the lot.

  1. No Loan Required

When it comes to buying a car on loan, it entails a long-term commitment that you must be sure to fulfil. Sure, there are sales schemes featuring zero upfront but the marked-up prices, high interest rates and hidden charges are always there. Besides, for those of you planning to buy a property or acquire a loan may not qualify if they have an ongoing car loan in the UAE. A car lease plan, on the other hand, can be started with little or no down payment. It may even just be a refundable deposit or upfront payment for the last 3 months of your lease term.

  1. Zero Downtime

Your car lease plan includes a free replacement vehicle should you face a car breakdown or meet with an accident. Simply call up the customer care and inform them regarding the issue and they’ll arrange a car of equal value or perhaps even an upgrade. At the time of car servicing and repairs too, you’ll be provided a replacement vehicle so your day-to-day life faces zero downtime.

  1. Maintenance Convenience

A car lease plan includes timely servicing and maintenance costs. You simply have to call your lease company after every 10,000 km run of the vehicle. The company will arrange a free pick-up with a replacement car so you’re always on the road. If you’re leased a new car, it probably came with a manufacturer warranty so you can be sure that the car is always in great shape.

Note: Check the insurance policy with your car lease plan to know if it includes full coverage or only basic coverage. You may have to pay for damage repairs if you meet with by an accident by your own fault.

  1. Hassle-free

Buying a car involves a lot of research other than high upfront payment and / or securing a car loan. You must be sure that the car you’re buying has good resale value should you have to sell it before its time. Selling it too involves a lot of hardships. You’ll be receiving calls from a number of people / agencies offering below market prices. And the ones that do offer your asking price would want a test drive and garage check-up, not to mention further negotiations.

Starting a car lease plan is as easy as browsing across a number of cars with their pricing and choosing one online. OneClickDrive.com takes it up a notch to get you the best plans. Fill up your requirement details and access quotes from multiple car lease companies. Choose the one that’s most cost-efficient and reliable to you.

  1. Luxury Car Options in Dubai

If you’re one to drive only luxury cars such as the BMW 7 series or Range Rover Sport, you can lease a brand new 0-km car for a limited period. While lease options are generally for 12 months or above, you can consider renting for lesser no. of months. This option is favorable for executives and the elites who plan to stay in the UAE for a short term. The hassle of registration, insurance and maintenance is overtaken by the leasing company offering them maximum convenience. The “no long-term commitment” works particularly for such people in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Making monthly payments is all you need to do till the end of your contract. If you are, however, interested in renting a cheap car with zero commitment, you can easily do so in the UAE.

  1. The spidercars.ae Advantage

Before you decide on a lease plan that’s good for you, it’s advisable to contact atleast 3 car leasing companies. Compare their quotes and find out which one is the best for you. Spidercars.ae makes this process easy for you. Based on your requirement, spidercars.ae then send you our best quote. This provides you an ‘unfair’ advantage to negotiate further and settle with the best company directly.

Why lease through us?

While most customers are looking for the cheapest lease offers, there are those looking for a high-quality service provider that offers full-option cars. Others may be searching for a specific car / van model. The hunt for the perfect car lease plan usually takes longer than expected if you start from scratch. But when you submit a lease requirement through spidercars.ae, you instant contact multiple car options. we analyze your requirements and offer their best options. You can be sure to receive only the best deals in the Dubai through us.

Reputed Service with Spider Car Rental LLC

We work only with the most reputed and established car leasing service providers in the region. Mainly since we are mindful of the service our customers receive even post the deal. Their terms and conditions are laid out as per industry standards. Our leasing partners provide vehicle options of all makes and models, be it a brand-new SUV or luxury car and even used cars or commercial vehicles. If you’re looking to rent a car in Dubai on short-term basis, check out our car rental monthly offers.